Avoid a TMJ Flare-Up: 3 Foods to Avoid This Holiday Season

TMJ Flare-Up Stay comfortable this holiday season and enjoy a TMJ flare-up. Caused primarily by stress placed on your jaw either through extreme clenching and grinding or from chewing, TMD can not only make talking uncomfortable, but it can also make chewing your favorite foods to feel virtually impossible. To avoid a flare-up this holiday season, refrain from eating the following foods. Read on to learn more.

Corn on the Cob
As a treat that is primarily consumed during Fourth of July barbecues, corn on the cob is also a yummy vegetable that goes great with a nice holiday turkey. And although corn on the cob is tasty and sweet, it can also cause your jaw to tense up and become uncomfortable. If there is corn on the cob on your holiday table this year, consider scrapping the corn off the cob so that you don’t have to take such big bites.

Toffee is a homemade holiday treat that when covered in chocolate and nuts is a home run in many people’s books. And although this treat pairs deliciously with a nice glass of red wine after dinner, it’s hard texture can cause your jaw to suffer from pain. To avoid feeling the pain and dealing with a clenched jaw later on down the line, refrain from indulging in this homemade treat this season.

Hard Bread
Yummy artisan bread is typically a bit firm on the outside, and soft on the inside. Due to its hard texture that you have to tear apart with your teeth when consuming, this type of bread should be added to your list of things to refrain from during the holidays. If you must eat some bread, consider peeling the soft, center out and eating that instead.

Nothing can ruin your holiday meal quite like suffer from a TMJ flare-up. To avoid any pain, inflammation, or irritation this holiday season, try to avoid consuming any of the foods listed above. To learn more about how you can deal with your TMJ, contact Dr. Leslie H. Sultan today!

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