Dental Implants vs. Dentures

  • Posted on: Feb 1 2014
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Dentures are long been the most popular choice on teeth replacement for most people. But with implant surgery now being affordable and perfected, more and more people are choosing to have implants put in as opposed to having a denture plate made. The reasons why many people are doing this are because of all the great benefits that dental implants being with them! Read on below to discover the differences.


Dentures are molded specially to fit your mouth and can replace a few teeth or all. Having dentures inserted may require having some teeth removed, but aside from that there are no surgical procedures involved. Your dentist simply orders the denture to fit your mouth, and then gives it to you with some instruction on care.


Dental implants are individual false teeth, typically made from porcelain, that are made to mould together with the jaw bone to act as real teeth. It does require eating a soft diet for a few weeks afterwards, and there us some pain and swelling for a few days afterwards. But are the results worth it?

The resounding answer from all implant receivers is a yes! With dental implants you can act as I’d they are your normal teeth! They stay in your mouth and don’t cause any embarrassing situations falling out, you can brush and floss them like your regular teeth, and you can eat any foods you like without worry or vein uncomfortable!

The be edits of dental implants far outweigh dentures – a few weeks of recovery time is definitely worth a lifetime of great teeth!

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