Wisdom Tooth: To Keep or Not to Keep

  • Posted on: Aug 15 2013
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There seems to be a confusion as to whether you should keep your wisdom tooth or not. Majority of our clients here at our Fort Lauderdale oral and maxillofacial surgery practice often ask our dental team if they can keep their wisdom tooth as it’s not bothering them at all.

 Dr. Sultan recommends that you have your wisdom tooth extracted if you notice the following:

  • presence of infection and/or gum disease

  • damage to surrounding tooth structures

  • presence of tumors, sores, and cysts

  • cavities that do not respond to prophylactic dental treatments

 It is also highly recommended for young adults to visit their dental professionals and oral surgeons more frequently that they used to as the ages of 18 to 25 seem to be the age periods wherein wisdom teeth present themselves.

When to Keep Your Wisdom Tooth

By and large, you can keep your wisdom tooth when it’s not bothering you with chronic pain and if the surrounding gum tissues are generally healthy. It should be noted, however, that should you decide to keep your wisdom tooth, you still need to regularly see your dental team for periodic radiographs to monitor the position of your third molars and for professional cleaning as well.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Fort Lauderdale

One of the most effective ways to avoid health complications from an impacted wisdom tooth is to have it removed. For wisdom tooth extraction in Fort Lauderdale, get in touch with us today by calling 954-771-8772 or by filling out this contact form to set up an appointment. We look forward to your visit!


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