BOTOX vs. fillers

Facial injections are a very popular choice today in the cosmetic surgery industry. More and more people are choosing injections over facelifts, and other facial reconstructions to get rid of wrinkles, smooth skin and firm the face giving a more youthful appearance. But when shopping around for what would be best, you may wonder whether BOTOX injection or fillers would be best for you. Read on below to discover which would benefit you the most!


Fillers are injections of liquid substances that literally ‘fill out’ the lines in your face. By injecting the chosen filler (such as Restylane) into the face you can also choose to have a ‘liquid facelift’ by plumping out the face to slightly lift the skin. You can opt to have your face frozen beforehand to numb the pain if you are sensitive, but most patients find that they do not require this. Once the filler is injected, the results are instant. You’ll experience some redness and swelling however and sometimes a bit of bruising, but those will subside after 24 hours. There is no recovery time after having filler injected – you can return to normal activities right away afterwards. Your results will last about 6 months.


BOTOX injections work differently than fillers. They get rid of deep creases in the face by paralyzed the underlying muscles. This relaxes facial muscles enough to smooth out lens and creases for about 6 months. BOTOX uses a botulinum type A to have this effect, but it is safe having been purified in a lab and given in very small doses. Like fillers, there is no recovery time from BOTOX and you can return to your normal day right away.

So which injection would be best for you? This largely depends on personal preference, your facial structure and your doctor recommendations. BOTOX cannot fill out your face as fillers do, but fillers can look a little harder in the face than BOTOX which relaxes muscles. Look up before and after photos of people who have had the procedures, which have the same wrinkles or lines as you do. From there you can bring in your favorite results to discuss with your doctor and decide together which is best for your face.

Whichever you choose, you can get a lovely, natural-looking smooth complexion from facial injections. Just contact us today at Sultan Surgical to book a consultation and see how injections can make you feel great!

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