Computer Guided Surgery

Computer Guided Surgery Fort Lauderdale, FL Technology can help us in so many ways. You might immediately think of cell phones or even the internet, but computers can help us dial in to surgeries even more detailed than before. Computers can help us create treatment plans and more. Keep reading to learn more about how we use computers to guide surgery.

Work With Accuracy

The data generated from a CT scan can be harnessed to help formulate a treatment plan and guide the intended surgical procedure, thereby increasing how accurate the treatment is. It also helps decrease the invasiveness of the surgery.

Stereo Lithographic Anatomic (SLA) models are generated for each patient from acrylic. We use information derived from the CT via a Computer Assisted Design/Computer Automated (shortened to CADCAM) technology known as Rapid Prototyping (or RP).

Specifically, the technology of computer guided surgery can be used to plan for Orthognathic (also known as jaw repositioning) surgery. Data from a CT scan can be formatted by specially-designed software to plan and implement dental implant placement to an extremely accurate degree. As a Simplant Master Site, we have the ability to be able to convert any CT data to usable treatment planning data. It’s quite simple: once the CT data is acquired, it is sent to a master site (like our office), where a technician reformats the data for the surgeon to review.

Once the implants are placed virtually within the software, the data is then transferred to the rapid prototyping facility where we create a patient-specific anatomic surgical guide for Dr. Sultan to approve and follow.

Improved Methods

The advantages getting an implant placed using this method include:

  • Shorter surgical time
  • Improved accuracy
  • Minimally invasive
  • Reduced risk of complications

Dr. Sultan is working at the forefront of this technology and has given lectures on the subject. Additionally, he has developed new techniques to streamline very complex cases. If you have a tough case, you want the best. Give us a call at (954) 771-8772 to learn more about how Dr. Sultan and Computer Guided Surgery can facilitate your treatment today.

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