Do Wisdom Teeth Have to Be Removed?

Wisdom teeth

The mention of wisdom teeth typically conjures up unpleasant thoughts and worries. Most people associate them with dental problems and assume they must be dealt with through removal. But is that truly necessary? Do you need to have your wisdom teeth removed?

The answers to those questions may be more complex than one might think. Learn more about the wisdom teeth and if yours should be removed.

The Conditions for Removing Wisdom Teeth

Whether or not you need wisdom teeth removal will be determined by a few factors.

Your Comfort Levels

The first factor to consider is your comfort level. Wisdom teeth can cause significant pain when they break through the gums. You may also experience pain even if your wisdom teeth become impacted or fail to emerge from your gums at all.

In either case, if your wisdom teeth are causing you pain, this will allow your dentist to decide if you need to have them removed.

The Health of Your Surrounding Teeth

Another factor to consider when evaluating your wisdom teeth is their impact on your other teeth and gums. Your wisdom teeth can damage the surrounding teeth and gums while breaking through. If that’s the case, removing your wisdom teeth may be necessary to prevent further damage.

Potential for Future Issues

Your dentist may also opt for removal if they believe your wisdom teeth could eventually lead to other issues, such as shifting the teeth and causing discomfort.

X-rays may be ordered to check if the positioning of your wisdom teeth is concerning. Removing your wisdom teeth at that point could save you from significant problems later on.

The Aftermath of Wisdom Teeth Removal

You may experience some pain after having your wisdom tooth removed. The dentist will likely provide you with medication to alleviate pain or discomfort. Your dentist may also advise you to avoid strenuous activities along with certain food and drinks. Follow all aftercare instructions to ensure your recovery goes as planned. Full recovery may take about two weeks.

Allow the Sultan Center for Oral Facial Surgery to Handle Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

Work with the Sultan Center for Oral Facial Surgery to ensure your wisdom teeth removal is problem-free. Contact us today at 954-771-8772 or submit a contact form online.

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