Eating For Dental Health

Dental Services Fort Lauderdale, FL Some people have all the luck. They stay svelte without going to the gym, never wash their face but don’t get acne, or eat sugar all day but have never had a cavity. While those people exist in our minds (or on social media), we really doubt they exist in real life. And while some people do seem to get cavities more easily than others, we know there are a lot of factors that influence dental health.

For example, did you know that the foods we consume contribute to the state of our teeth? You’re probably well-aware of the dangers of sugar every October, but we believe that eating well all year will give you the best smile possible.

Keep reading to learn about some of the most damaging foods you can eat for your dental health.

Drying Foods

Food and drinks that dehydrate you aren’t doing you many favors. They can lead to weakness, fainting, and even increased risk of tooth decay. Though your teeth won’t complain after one sip of alcohol, coffee, or energy drink, drying beverages and even some medications can contribute to decreased saliva production. When saliva dries up, your teeth are left exposed to plaque and cavities over time. That’s because saliva helps wash away plaque and restore important minerals to your teeth. Keep your mouth hydrated and your teeth will thank you.

Acidic Foods

One squeeze of lemon into your water won’t hurt your teeth, right? While a little lemon juice isn’t likely to cause damage, exposure to acidic foods like lemon, soda pop, pickles, coffee, and even tomatoes can lead to increased risk of tooth decay and cavities. The acid in food is especially dangerous because it can lead to weakened enamel, which can then lead to tooth discoloration and tooth sensitivity. Limit your intake of acidic foods and drinks to keep your teeth happy and healthy.

Starchy Foods

Foods high in starch or carbohydrates are not the best for your teeth. Have you ever noticed that potato chips, pasta, and white bread get stuck in your teeth easier than other foods? That could spell trouble for your teeth, because carbohydrates are broken down into sugar as we chew. That sugar sitting on your teeth could spell increased risk of cavities. Make sure to floss as soon as you can to prevent your favorite foods from hurting your teeth.

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