How does bone grafting work?

iStock 1172711906 Patients considering replacement tooth options may be excited about the idea of the dental implant. A dental implant functions so well and lasts so long because they become one with the body via the jawbone. Unlike removable options such as partial and full dentures, implants stay in place and are a permanent solution to tooth loss. Unfortunately, not everyone is the ideal candidate for dental implants, especially individuals who are faced with not only tooth loss, but bone less. Dental implants require enough bone to hold them in place and allow them the strong foundation they are known for. Dr. Leslie Sultan and his team at the Sultan Center for Oral Facial Surgery are pleased to provide bone grafting, which is a procedure used to add bone to the jaw and build it up in preparation for placing dental implants in the future. 

How does bone grafting work? 

Bone grafting works to build up new bone in the jaw where a tooth once was to reverse the damage from dental resorption. Grafting material is added and allowed time to heal, where here it is absorbed by the body and replaces lost bone in the mouth. The procedure to add bone is done during a minimally invasive procedure performed by an oral surgeon such as Dr. Leslie Sultan. 

Where does grafting material come from? 

There are a variety of sources that are used as bone grafting material. Below are some of the more common bone graft sources: 

  • Autograft – bone donated from the patient themselves
  • Allograft – bone donated from a deceased human donor
  • Xenograft – bone material from a deceased animal
  • Allopalst – manmade material using synthetic products

How can I learn more about the bone grafting procedure? 

If you are considering dental implants and don’t have sufficient bone for successful placement, it may be time to speak to our team about the benefits of bone grafting. Fort Lauderdale, FL area patients are urged to book a consultation visit with an oral and maxillofacial surgery provider such as Dr. Leslie Sultan. Call (954) 771-8772 to request an appointment at 4800 North Federal Highway, Suite #201.  

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