How zygoma implants compare with traditional dental implants

Young smiling beautiful woman at home. Dr. Leslie Sultan is a comprehensive full-scope oral and maxillofacial surgeon at the Sultan Center for Oral Facial Surgery. His dental practice offers a wide selection of oral procedures to help patients in achieving better oral health and wellness and address certain dental problems and concerns. One treatment he offers that many patients who are missing teeth may consider is the placement and restoration of zygoma implants. Continue reading on to find out more about zygoma implants and how they differ from traditional dental implants.

What are zygoma implants?

Zygoma implants, also known as extraoral implants or zygomatic dental implants, are a unique and specialized type of dental implant designed to be placed in the zygomatic bone. This is the bone located in the cheek area. Zygoma implants are typically used in specific cases where a traditional dental implant is not an option, such as when there is insufficient bone height in the upper jaw.

The benefits of zygoma implants versus traditional dental implants:

  • Zygoma implants are placed in the cheekbone, which is much stronger than the jawbone. This results in a more stable base for the dental implant and, thus, a longer-lasting and more successful outcome.
  • Because the zygoma implant is placed in the cheekbone, there is no need to wait for the jawbone to heal before placing the implant, as is necessary with traditional dental implants. This means that you can have your new teeth placed much sooner than with traditional implants.
  • Zygoma implants are less likely to cause nerve damage than traditional implants because of their placement location.
  • Zygoma implants can be placed in patients with very thin bones as little as 1.5mm thick.
  • Zygoma implants do not require additional procedures such as the sinus lift, which can be both expensive and invasive.
  • Zygoma implants have a high success rate, with a reported rate of 98%.

Am I a candidate for zygoma implants?

If you are missing teeth and are not a candidate for traditional dental implants, you may be a candidate for zygoma implants. To be sure, you will need to undergo an evaluation with Dr. Leslie Sultan to check the health and structure of your bone. This is done with x-ray imaging and a physical evaluation of the smile.

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