Quick Guide on Nutrition Following Oral Surgery

An individual’s nutritional needs following oral surgery may need special attention. First, postoperative swelling may impede eating and swallowing, not to mention the presence of surgical incisions in the mouth. Also, the need for increase intake of nutrients needed for healing and quicker recovery should also be taken into consideration.

On Proper Nourishment Following Oral Surgery

When thinking about proper nourishment following surgery, the following tips will surely be helpful:

  • Keep hydrated. One of the most overlooked aspects of nutrition after surgery is hydration. It is very important for one to take steps to meeting one’s hydration needs despite the discomfort post-surgery.

  • Increase your caloric intake (you may have to consult your surgeon and a dietician about this) as you may need extra nutrients for quicker recovery. You have to make sure though that your food consumption comes from whole food sources rather than highly processed food items. Most highly processed food sources have been stripped off their nutrients and only offer “empty calories”.

  • Pay special attention to protein consumption as protein plays a huge role in wound healing.

  • A non-chewing diet may be prescribed during the first few days post-surgery and your surgeon may prescribe liquid nutritional supplements.

Finding a Fort Lauderdale Oral Surgeon

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