Suffer from TMJ? 4 Ways to Stay More Comfortable

Natural Beauty TMD or Temporomandibular joint dysfunction is a painful jaw disorder that causes everyday normalises like the ability to chew or even to open your mouth wide enough to say a few words, to be very painful. If you suffer from TMD and haven’t quite committed to getting TMJ surgery yet, then follow these four simple tips to get your jaw feeling better again.

  1. Heat

If you notice that you are getting a TMJ flare-up, then you should act right away and apply some heat to your jaw. By applying heat to your swollen jaw, you can help to reduce any inflammation that may be taking place and you can also help to calm any pain that may be associated with the flare up. Just make sure you test the temperature of the heat pack before applying it to your face, because you don’t want to burn yourself.

  1. Jaw Exercises

If you notice that your jaw is tensing up and causing you problems, you might need to try some exercises to loosen up the joints in your jaw. Simply start out by moving your lower jaw side to side, if it is painful, try to work through the pain at a slow pace. Once your jaw warms up, the pain should subside. Next, try simply opening and closing your mouth in order to loosen up any tense muscles. Try practicing these exercises every couple of hours for a few days, or until you can feel your jaw loosen up.

  1. Avoid Certain Foods

During a TMD flare-up, it’s important to avoid foods that will cause extra strain on your jaw. Specifically avoid foods that are hard to chew like steak, apples, chewing gum, or anything else that may require you to strain your jaw a little bit.

  1. Massage

Massage is a great way to loosen up the tense muscles in your face. To help alleviate the pain caused by TMD, simply locate where your jaw connects itself and with your index and middle finger, slowly massage that area in a circular motion, applying a little bit more pressure each time. Although it will likely be painful and uncomfortable at first, this sort of massage will help to take away some of the strain and pressure that you are feeling on your jaw.

TMD is a painful disorder that can cause even the littlest things in life to be annoying. If you still haven’t decided whether or not to go the surgical route to treat your TMD, try the above four tips first to see if they can give you some relief.

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