The Jaws of Life: 4 Different Reasons for Jaw Reconstruction Surgery

Brunette Face As a very intense oral procedure that typically involves your oral surgeon having to surgically break your jaw and reform it, jaw reconstruction surgery can be done for a multitude of reasons. Whether your jaw has started to deteriorate due to bone loss or you have bone loss due to cyst removal, jaw reconstruction surgery will help you to get back the facial structure you once had and will prevent your jaw from deteriorating any further.


Old Age and Dentures
As you age, your bones because softer and more brittle. That’s why you tend to hear about a lot of elderly people falling and breaking major bones like their hips. As your body loses its ability to absorb calcium, your bones become softer and more prone to any injuries. When it comes to your oral health, the same type of bone loss can be seen. As you age, many people lose their teeth either due to some sort of oral infection or disease, and you are required to get dentures. As your mouth adjusts to your dentures, many people suffer from a deteriorating jaw that starts to sink around the dentures. If you are suffering from a condition like this, jaw reconstruction surgery is an ideal solution for you.

Bone Resorption of the Lower Jaw
Due to a number of things like blunt trauma, tooth decay, or even old age, bone resorption is a condition that is more prevalent as you age. This disease causes your teeth to loosen and your jaw to collapse a little bit, leaving you with a more hollowed out appearance. If you suffer from bone resorption of the lower jaw, jaw reconstruction surgery can help you have a more natural appearance once again.

Bone Loss Due to Trauma
If you were a professional athlete in a sport like boxing or football, where you received a lot of trauma to the jaw area, then you might suffer from extreme bone loss. Or if you received some sort of trauma to your jaw due to another circumstance, you might be suffering from the same type of bone loss. Through this loss of bone, your jaw starts to deteriorate and leave you with a less structured facial appearance. However, through jaw reconstruction surgery, you can help to preserve the rest of your bones and get your original appearance back.

Bone Loss Due to Cyst Removal
If you recently had a cyst removed in your jaw, chances are that during the surgery, some of your bone had to be removed as well— leaving you with a weakened jaw. However, jaw reconstruction surgery can help you with bone loss and leave you with a healthier jaw line.

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