TMJ Replacement Surgery Digested

Smile Millions of people suffer from Tempromandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ). It typically starts with clenching your jaw during your sleep or during especially stressful times in your life. From there, it can start to exhibit itself through things like a locked jaw, headaches, ear aches, change in bite, and the inability to properly chew the food you love the most. If you have been diagnosed with TMJ and would like to seek medical treatment in order to help alleviate any of the associated symptoms, Dr. Leslie Sultan can help you get back to feeling like your normal self once again.


TMJ Replacement Surgery
Depending on your age and the severity of the damage caused by TMJ, it will dictate whether Dr. Leslie Sultan feels that TMJ replacement surgery is the right idea for you and your specific situation. When it comes to the actual prosthesis in which to replace the TMJ muscle with, it is either recommended that you use one of your rib bones or an artificial device that will give you the same range of motion and flexibility as a regular tempromandibular joint should.

During the surgery, two incisions will be made in order for Dr. Leslie Sultan to accurately reach your TMJ. The first incision will be fairly long and will be made under the side of your face, where your jawbone meets your neck. The second incision will be made around your ear, where your ear connects with your jaw. Once the doctor has visual access of your TMJ, a small saw will be used in order to cut it out and then remove it from your face altogether. Once the bone has been properly removed, a titanium prosthesis and screws will then be implanted into the side of your face and will act as your new TMJ.

Recovery Time
When it comes to any kind of jaw surgery, the recovery process can be a bit lengthy. During the recovery from TMJ replacement surgery, you should expect to be on a non-solid food diet for 2-4 weeks, leaving you with an alarming amount of freedom to eat milkshakes for every meal of the day. You should also expect to have to undergo some sort of physical therapy in order to get your jaw muscles up and moving once again.

To learn more about TMJ replacement surgery, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Leslie Sultan, contact our office today!

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