How To Treat A Skin Lesion

women smiling with dental implants As a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Sultan performs procedures that involve the soft tissues, bones and other features of the jaws, face and mouth, including lesions that develop on the skin. A lesion is any type of abnormal growth that does not match the surrounding skin. Lesion removal is most often performed for cosmetic reasons, and the goal of the procedure is to help the patients feel more comfortable with their appearances.

Common Types of Skin Lesions

When people hear the word “lesion,” they believe that it means an open sore on the skin. Lesions are any type of abnormal growth that is different than the surrounding skin. Common types of skin lesions that are treated by Dr. Sultan are:

  • Sun damage
  • Age spots
  • Tiny red veins that are visible on the surface of the skin
  • Warts
  • Skin tags
  • Irregularities on the skin
  • Raised lesions and moles

Treatment for Skin Lesions

Skin lesion removal is performed in our office using a local anesthesia, so the procedure is safe for all patients. Dr. Sultan uses a combination of advanced energy technologies and surgical techniques to remove lesions from the skin. Applying high energy radio frequency waves during the procedure reduces, and may eliminate, bleeding. The incisions for the surgery are small enough that you may not need sutures. All incisions cause scars, but your scars will be almost indiscernible because of the size of the incisions.

Cancerous Lesions

Some lesions are cancerous, and an accurate diagnosis requires a sample of the tissue. If your lesion is an abnormal mole or other growth, Dr. Sultan takes steps to remove the growth and a margin of surrounding tissue. A sample is taken from the lesion and evaluated for cancer cells.

Do You Have a Distracting Skin Lesion? Contact Sultan Center for Oral Facial Surgery.

Skin lesions can be embarrassing and make you feel less confident about your appearance. To learn more about lesion removal, bone grafting, jaw reconstruction and our other services, contact Sultan Center for Oral Facial Surgery. You can also contact our Fort Lauderdale office directly at (954) 771-8772.

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