What is orthognathic surgery and why might I need it?

istock 1129156404 1 Patients in the area of Fort Lauderdale, FL who need to address both the correct tooth positioning in the dental arch and their jaw alignment may be referred to Dr. Leslie Sultan of the Sultan Center for Oral Facial Surgery to learn that they may require orthognathic surgery. This particular oral surgery is designed to correct issues that are often associated with everyday activities including breath, speaking, and chewing. Additionally, the procedure can also improve the appearance of the patient’s mouth and face due to the balance of the jaw structures achieved with this surgery.

Why might I need this surgery?

There are many reasons why your primary dentist may refer you to Dr. Leslie Sultan and his team in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Common reasons why a patient might require this procedure is to:

  • Address an unbalanced jaw/chin/facial appearance
  • Reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea
  • Help with chronic jaw pain
  • Restore excessive or receding jaws
  • Address issues with chewing and swallowing
  • Repair the problems that contribute to excessive tooth wear
  • Address excessive mouth breathing
  • Realign the dental arch when teeth do not come together properly

What about orthodontic work?

In many cases, Dr. Leslie Sultan is contacted by a patient’s orthodontist to consider orthognathic surgery. Our team of professionals work closely with a patient’s orthodontist to ensure the best possible results. Consultations between both of these professionals is key to ensuring the best treatment. Treatment time can take approximately two years with proper planning. The planning process happens with all professionals and with the use of 3D imaging to show patients what can be achieved with their surgical procedure.

Learn more about oral surgeries available with Dr. Leslie Sultan

Fort Lauderdale, FL area patients who may be in need of oral surgery solutions can work with our team at the Sultan Center for Oral Facial Surgery for comprehensive full scope oral and maxillofacial surgery. The office is located at 4800 North Federal Highway #201 and accepts new and current patients who contact the office for an appointment by calling (954) 771-8772. Our practice is dedicated to helping patients improve their smile via oral surgery solutions, including bone grafting, jaw reconstruction, and orthognathic surgery.

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