What to do about an impacted wisdom tooth

istock 1001515804 1 We’ve all heard of the wisdom teeth, but what are they? Why are they often problematic? When do they come through the gumline? There are many questions that patients may have when they visit Dr. Leslie Sultan and his team, including: what should I do about an impacted wisdom tooth?

What is an impacted wisdom tooth?

The wisdom tooth, also referred to as a “third molar,” is the last tooth to erupt through the gums and often develop around the late teen or early adult years. They are known for becoming problematic because of their position in the very back corner of the mouth. In many instances, they become stuck, or “impacted,” because there is no room for them. The result is a tooth that is painful because it cannot come through the gumline as it should. In situations such as this, a dentist will always recommend oral surgery to have the tooth extracted. 

What is done during oral surgery for an impacted wisdom tooth?

If a wisdom tooth is impacted, it is not above the gumline and thus requires surgical extraction. This means that the maxillofacial oral surgeon will need to cut into the gums to access the tooth which often remains in the jawbone. The tooth is removed, and the area is sutured. Time is needed for the area to heal, but this often occurs over the course of a week or two and is well-managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

Is the removal of an impacted wisdom tooth painful?

Absolutely not! This is because Dr. Leslie Sultan of the Sultan Center for Oral Facial Surgery utilizes both local aesthetics and proper sedation for patients during their procedure. Every patient is made comfortable before the procedure begins. Patients will need to arrange for transportation to and from their visit as they may be under medication that does not allow them to drive. They may need care for the day of their appointment as the anesthetics and sedation wears off. Aftercare instructions are sent home with the patient and should be followed closely to ensure proper healing.

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