Bone Grafting in a Nutshell

shutterstock_98635421 There are many situations that can destroy or alter your facial bones. A facial injury or even missing teeth can cause the bones of the face to lose the strength to support facial contour. In some cases, patients who could benefit from dental implants may not be able to get treatment because of insufficient bone quality and quantity in the face.

The solution is bone grafting. Here’s how it works.

What is a bone grafting procedure?
A bone graft is often recommended by Dr. Sultan for patients who have problems related to their bones or joints. Along with a bone tissue transplant, bone grafting can help fix bones that have been damaged due to trauma, joint problems, or the growing of bone around implants.

What are the types of bone grafts?
There are two common types of bone grafting: the allograft and the autograft. In an allograft, bone is taken from a cadaver or a deceased donor and is cleaned and stored in a tissue bank. Allografts are usually used for knee, hip, or long bone reconstruction. This method in bone grafting is advantageous because it doesn’t require additional surgery on the patient’s end to acquire the bone, minimizing additional risk of infection.

An autograft is created from the bone inside the patient’s own body. This can be taken from the hips or the ribs.

Bone grafting in Fort Lauderdale
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