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Facial Trauma treated by Dr. Sultan, Oral Surgeon in Ft. Lauderdale FLOral and maxillofacial surgeons, because of their training, are uniquely qualified to evaluate and treat all injuries of the face, mouth and jaws. Dr. Sultan has extensive experience in this area. He currently serves as one of the main consultants at both Broward General Medical Center and Holy Cross Hospital. Treatment of the trauma patient is a multidisciplinary approach and Dr. Sultan has served on numerous trauma care teams at Level 1 trauma centers.

Fifty years ago, a handful of Swiss surgeons joined together to champion revolutionary techniques of plating the facial bones to facilitate bone healing with unheard of results. The group expanded the practices and philosophies of their techniques all over the world.

There are many causes for facial injury:
Facial Trauma treated by Ft. Lauderdale FL Oral SurgeonFacial Trauma treated by Ft. Lauderdale FL Oral Surgeon

  • Altercation
  • Fall
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Sports related
  • Gunshot

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Osteosynthesefragen (Association for the Study of Internal Fixation, or AO/ASIF) is a global organization synonymous with excellence in surgical techniques and advancing patient care.

Dr. Sultan, because of his extensive experience in these techniques, has been elected to the faculty of this select group of surgeons.

Facial Injuries and Trauma treated by Oral Surgeon in Ft. Lauderdale FL

Whatever the reason, injuries to both hard and soft tissues can and do occur. There are over a dozen different bones in the facial skeleton. Common fractured bones in the face include the lower jaw (mandible), upper jaw (maxilla), cheekbone (zygoma) and eye socket (orbit). It is common for patients to present with fractures of more than one bone. Sequencing the repair of multiple facial fractures takes a keen mind in order to form a 3-dimensional picture of the injury and plan the surgery. Modern advances in bone healing have lead to the development of rigid internal fixation. By utilizing rigid plates and screws, fractures can be repaired in a stable and predictable manner, many times not requiring the need for wiring the jaws shut. Cosmetically designed incisions tend to mask the location of the repair. In many cases incisions can be hidden either inside the mouth, or within the hairline or eyelid. If bone is missing or lost due to severe injury, reconstruction can be accomplished with either natural bone or artificial substitutes. Isolated lacerations are meticulously repaired in order to achieve a minimally detectible result.

The end result is to return the patient to as close a functional and esthetic condition as was present prior to the injury.

Dental Injuries

Injuries to the teeth include:

  • Facial Trauma treated by Ft. Lauderdale FL Oral Surgeon, Dr. SultanBroken teeth and/or surrounding bone
  • Mal-aligned teeth
  • Misplaced (avulsed) teeth

Prompt evaluation is important in treatment. Individual teeth should be repaired if possible. Mal-aligned teeth are repositioned and stabilized. Misplaced teeth must be kept in a special environment, and placed back in the tooth socket and stabilized as quickly as possible. If teeth are lost, dental implants can be placed.

If you should be involved in any dento-facial injury, please call our office or present to the nearest emergency room as soon as possible!!

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