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Dr. Sultan is one of the kindest, compassionate, expert Doctors I have ever met. His caring attitude is so comforting and makes you feel so well cared for. This along with his excellent staff of Millie and Elizabeth puts them at the top of my overall best medical experiences of my life. South Florida is very lucky to have this office available to us.

– Debby

Dr. Sultan is a caring, compassionate Doctor. The Doctors on the West Coast could not diagnose me or wanted anything to do with my situation. Dr. Sultan was my last chance. He diagnosed my problem immediately. He explained everything and answered all my questions. He is a perfectionist. I had bilateral TMJ surgeries recently. I am still working with Dr. Sultan. My surgeries went very well. No bruising, no swelling and can’t even see the scares. His staff is excellent. I would refer Dr. Sultan in a heart beat.

– Judy

A very enjoyable experience from making the appointment all the way through understanding the treatment options. I appreciated the quick wait time, the helpfulness of the staff, and the doctor’s understanding. I felt like all my concerns were heard and all my questions were answered. I also appreciated how Dr. Sultan saw me as a whole patient. He not only discussed the reason for my visit, but my entire health. I am grateful he took the time to allow me to understand issues I was not even aware of. I look forward to working with him further in the future. I Would definitely recommend Dr. Sultan to everyone looking for an oral surgeon.

– Anonymous

I am a repeat patient of Dr. Sultans, and he’s always taken very good care of me. When my primary dentist coudln’t isolate the problem, Dr. Sultan found it immediately, and provided the remedy.

– Anonymous

Dr. Saltan services are amazing. He is a wonderful Dr. and I would recommend him to all. His staff were on top of all that I needed for my recovery.

– Anonymous

Completing the paperwork ahead of time was helpful, and saved wait time. Inital visit was a great experience. Office staff polite and helpful with good follow through.

– Anonymous

Dr Sultan related quite well with me and clearly explained his diagnosis. His staff was friendly, professional and courteous.

– Anonymous

I am confident that Dr. Sultan is a very skilled surgeon.  

– Anonymous

Dr. Sultan is very good doctor he’s office is very clean and the staff is very nice .he’s a excellent surgeon I recommend him.

– Anonymous

I couldn’t ask for more. This was my second experience with Dr. Sultan. he went into depth on procedures, what to expect afterwards, etc. He made the experience as pleasant as he could.

– Anonymous

The office is educated, personable, easy to reach always there for questions and or instructions. Dr. Sultan is a perfectionist with his work, I had a new jaw joint (TMJ) placed with out bleeding, bruising and minimal swelling; the scar is almost indiscernible. I have had an uneventful recovery, have only a little lip nerve weakness. The best part is I have no, none, not any pain acute or chronic
any more and I couldn’t be happier with this positive change. I thank God that the office and Dr. Sultan worked with my insurance company, but the value of not having any pain anymore is priceless.

– Victoria McKamy BSN, RN

Dr. Sultan, I don’t know if words will be enough to show my gratefulness for the surgery you performed on my face and neck. It went from a nightmare to truly a blessing putting everything in your hands and seeing the results now. You’ve made this process comfortable for me to continue my life with minimum scarring and I will be forever thankful for that. You even gave me a huge discount and I really appreciated that. Again, thanks for everything, and I hope you enjoy the bottle of wine.

– Willie

“My son’s jaw surgery experience was superb with Dr. Sultan and his team. From initial consultations to final surgery and follow up, we were so impressed. The doctor provided us with comprehensive reading materials and illustrations to help us understand what to expect, and each step of the process was made easy to handle with his wonderful staff. Every question was answered thoroughly and we always felt that the doctor gave us his complete attention without feeling rushed. The surgery was the toughest part, but we were kept informed by the staff during surgery, and Dr. Sultan gave us a complete report after the procedure. He came back to the hospital in the evening when our son needed attention in the ICU and came to update us in the morning. We were given his cell phone number to contact him with questions and he answered immediately. His bedside manner is warm and reassuring, and he spoke to our son with respect and direct facts and complete answers to help us understand everything. The results so far have been exactly what we hoped- a fantastic looking jaw aligned just right and our son can now breathe well through his nose for the first time in his life! We are 100% satisfied with the whole experience at Dr. Sultan’s office and really can’t say enough good things about the staff and Dr. Sultan.”
– Anonymous

“Completely satisfied. Have had 3 appointments and all have been a good experience. Dr Sultan was informative, explained procedures clearly, and was very caring and understanding. Staff is friendly, professional and takes great care of the patient. My experience is excellent.”
– Anonymous

“Easy to set an appointment, though I caught them in the midst of their move to new offices. Staff and Dr. S. are very friendly and efficient.”
– Anonymous

I had a great experience with Sultan Center for Oral Facial Surgery. Dr. Sultan and his staff were great. They truly care about the needs of their patient.
– Anonymous

I couldn’t ask for more. This was my second experience with Dr. Sultan. he went into depth on procedures, what to expect afterwards, etc. He made the experience as pleasant as he could.
– Anonymous

“When I began my procedures, I did not know what to expect. I am now near completion of my treatment and feel complete again. The entire staff has been amazingly helpful and caring. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Leslie Sultan and the Sultan Center.”
– Anonymous

“After having fractured several bones in my face sustained in a bike accident, I was referred by my primary doctor to have Dr. Sultan put my face together again. He is now my hero as I look like I did before my fall. He is simply “THE BEST” and I am so grateful he was available to do the surgery on my face. He and his staff could not have been more wonderful.”
– Judy D.

“Dr Sultan’s staff has been very helpful and nice. My procedure has gone very well and I am happy with Doctor Sultan’s work and results. I would highly recommend Dr Sultan for any dental work that requires an expert.”
– Anonymous

“Dr. Sultan is a perfectionist. A doctor of few words who lets his work speak for him. At any time I felt in the right hands. In short: state of the art treatment and cutting edge technology.”
– Anonymous

“My surgery went very well. Everything was thoroughly explained and I felt very comfortable during my visit. I would recommend sultan center to my friends and family”
– Anonymous

“The entire experience of having upper and lower jaw surgery was smooth and straight forward. Leading to the procedure, all of the information about the benefits, risks and recovery process were given to me easily and quickly. The details of how the procedure was performed were also displayed as easily and information-filled as the rest. The procedure was performed without any complications – a big thanks due to the competence of Dr. Sultan, his staff, and his preparation with computer modelling and pre-surgical instructions. All appointments were easy to make and achieved what was detailed at the appointment prior. So far the procedure has given me the ability to breathe through my nose and a very good expectation of a forthcoming smile I can be proud of. Overall, this procedure has very well changed my life for the better, and I plan on nothing but more positives for the rest of my life.”
– Anonymous

“Dr Sultan and his team were very thorough. Everyone has been very nice and accommodating.”
– Anonymous

“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!! I held onto my referral to visit his office for 5 months before I gathered up the courage to begin my journey to a better smile. From the moment I walked into Dr. Sultan’s office, I was at ease. For me that is a big deal…since I have already visited a few doctors before him. The staff and the Doctor himself were (and still ARE) very personable and helpful. Although I am just 2 weeks shy into my journey, I am absolutely happy so far. I could not be any more confident in Dr. Sultan and his staff.”
– Anonymous

“Just wanted to say Hello and Hope All Is!! If there is EVER Anything I can do for YOU, Please do not hesitate to Call or Write. You are more than welcome to use photos, testimonials or anything from my case to help further your Website and Business. YOU are A Very Talented and Skilled Professional Surgeon and am Very Happy with having chosen you and your wonderful staff. Hope 2015 is Your Best Year Ever!!!! “
– John

“I also have to say that Dr. Sultan’s jaw implant surgery was life changing. I am disabled and have chronic pain, but nothing is as bad as facial pain. I had severe degeneration of my jaw hinges [TMJ], and had been through four [4] bi-lateral surgeries that did not solve the problem. I had to wear a mouthpiece, as my jaw became misaligned. Besides the excruciating pain, I had hearing and vision problems, dizziness, cluster migraines, and referred pain.The recovery time was faster than I thought and I no longer have to wear a mouthpiece. You cannot see any scarring. Every time I open my mouth and not hear the crunching of bone on bone, and the pain associated with it, I thank Dr. Sultan. I wish I had found him sooner. HE IS A GODSEND.”
– Mark H

“I’m still in the recovery process from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident last month, but it was Dr. Sultan towhom I was referred bythe Emergency Room doctor, to repair myfractured jawbone. I work with many surgeons as part of my professional career and I can exclaim with no reservations that Dr. Sultan has been extremely easy to work with thoughout the course of my treatment plan. In fact, my partner and I have found it so easy to work with he and his office staff that my partner has chosen him to consult on a medical issue he’s been dealing with, as he explores possible treatment options.”
– Jeff S.

Two men came to a hole in the sky. One asked the other to lift him up… But so beautiful was it in heaven that the man who looked in over the edge forgot everything, forgot his companion whom he had promised to help up and simply ran off into all the splendor of heaven.
– from an Iglulik Inuit prose poem

“That is the story of myself and Dr. Sultan. He found me a broken man, but he lifted me up and gave my life back to me. But so beautiful was life, that I forgot the Dr. and all that he did for me, and I ran off into the wonderful world that my new life had to offer. Now I’ve come back to say thank you to Dr. Sultan and his amazing staff. I was a victim of a surgery gone wrong. I was in a very bad place and didn’t want to go on with life. I experienced a depression that I never want to revisit again. In my darkness I somehow managed to find Dr. Sultan. I felt I was in good hands from the minute we first spoke. He spoke with confidence in response to every question I threw at him. He laid out a path to get from A to Z and made me comfortable for the entire journey. Dr. Sultan is the definition of expertise. He is a man that truly enjoys his work. If every man took his work as seriously as Dr. Sultan, the world would be a much better place. I used to have very bad thoughts every day of my life. I used to go to bed every night wishing life would end. And today I can’t wait to wake up and get to work and live life. Life is beautiful and I owe it all to Dr. Sultan and his staff. Just a few weeks after my surgery I said something to Dr. Sultan that I’m sure he will never forget. “You are the Tiger Woods of maxillofacial surgery.” I’ve never spoken truer words in my entire life. Thank you Dr. for giving me my life back.”

Sultan Center for Oral Facial Surgery

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