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Life is a bumpy road with many twists and turns, and often health related issues can be challenging. In my case, it was lifechanging. Recently I was diagnosed with a plexiform ameloblastoma, a very aggressive tumor located in the maxillomandibular (lower jaw) area. Lucky for me, it was not metastatic. Research suggests that a plexiform ameloblastoma represents a very small percentile of all tumors and cysts. My tumor created a very big hole in my lower jaw, and quickly, spontaneously, fractured my jaw. A large section of my jaw required amputation, and I needed to be wired shut for several weeks to prevent additional damage. I gave myself to G-d and Dr. Sultan, maybe not in that order. Without question, Dr. Sultan is a highly skilled and praiseworthy oral surgeon with exceptional attention to detail. My consultations were beyond my expectations - so on point, rooted in clear logic and science. My 6-hour surgery in the hospital required a partial jaw amputation, teeth removal, a custom-built titanium prosthesis with mesh, bone graft, stem cell implantation and a nerve graph via microsurgery. Only the hands and the superior knowledge of a top-notch surgeon could accomplish this task to precision. I required 3 days in the hospital, and Dr. Sultan was personally there every morning to check on me. Both before and after my surgery, Dr. Sultan was readily available around the clock, including evenings and weekends, to ensure everything went according to plan. Dr. Sultan’s personal aftercare is unbelievably attentive. By far, Dr. Sultan provided the best experience I've ever had with any health professional. I was treated with immense dignity. The staff was unwaveringly polite, and always went above and beyond. The communication with Kayla and Millie was superior and courteous. The office is meticulously well run and operates with the highest level of professionalism and technical expertise. Their level of care is truly unique and personal…you are a patient they care for, not a number. From the minute I first spoke with and met Dr. Sultan, I could tell he truly CARES, not only about providing the highest level of service, but also that I was very comfortable. He ensured my wife was part of the entire process, calling her personally after my very first meeting in his office, to making sure she understood everything, from the initial biopsy to surgery and all after-care. Additionally, at the pre-surgery visit, he encouraged and wanted both my wife and mother-in-law, a retired RN, to the appointment, as they were both going to be part of my post-surgery care. His main concern is not only performing the procedure and getting the best outcome but ensuring my recovery would be perfect every step of the way. The office is exceptionally clean with state-of-the-art equipment and a very calm and professional vibe. Dr. Sultan and his team balance effort and efficiency in their work and it shows. Should you find yourself in need of oral surgery, look no further…they are clearly the best!

Scott J.

Dr Sulton is a wonderful very professional surgeon, focused on patient care and comfort during oral procedure. Dr Sulton follows up with each patient post surgery to ensure patient satisfaction. His staff is very well trained, polite and professional. Dr. Sulton is someone I highly recommend without hesitation.

Pam Schena

Dr. Sultan and his Staff are Friendly and Efficient. Organized with minimum wait times. Office is modern, clean and Professional. They were always available for any questions before, during and after procedures. Very happy with results.

Gary Gerlak

I was born with Couzon syndrome where my bones in my face , skull and jaws were out of alignment. In short my face was concave. However, Dr Sultan has changed my life by performing upper and lower jaw surgery which gave me a normal shaped face . He meticulously supervised my medication and care schedule and he took time to explain the procedures and post operative care and he was accessible by cell when we needed additional advice. Dr. Sultan and his staff are very caring and supportive , and they are definitely the first choice in maxillofacial surgical needs. Thanks Dr. Sultan , you changed my life by giving me a face I can be confident about.

Gabrielle Law

Everyone in this office is friendly, helpful, and professional. Dr. Sultan is a very competent and kind oral surgeon. He immediately made me feel at ease, and explained how he could help. He completed the procedure quickly and painlessly, and the office followed up afterward to make sure my recovery went well. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Jim C.

Dr. Sultan’s staff has been very helpful and nice. My procedure has gone very well and I am happy with Doctor Sultan’s work and results. I would highly recommend Dr. Sultan for any dental work that requires an expert.

Tracy F.

Dr. Sultan is a very caring surgeon. He listens and takes his time with you to explain any concerns and puts you at ease. I would recommend him always. He removed a tumor from my daughters' jaw and made sure she was well taken care of. He personally called every day to check on her and even was kind enough to meet us at his office over the weekend, when it was closed, to take a look at her. He and his staff have been such a blessing.

Danny V.

Everything Dr. Sultan and the nurses and staff did at Sultan Center made my wisdom teeth surgery go so well. I was nervous, but they all did a great job at making me feel better about everything. I wouldn't change anything if I had to do it again and I would recommend them to anyone!


Dr. Sultan is very good doctor he’s office is very clean and the staff is very nice .he’s a excellent surgeon I recommend him.

Anonymous 23

From the moment I came to this office everyone was very welcoming. I was very comfortable and Dr. Sultan was excellent. He explained everything to me ahead of time. I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed and it was a piece of cake!! Very happy with how everything turned out. Thank you to everyone who helped me!

A. A

Sultan Center for Oral Facial Surgery

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Dr. Leslie Sultan
Dec 3rd, 2020

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It was a great experience

I had a great experience overall. My situation was very complex, and it was a long and trying process to recovery but I feel better everyday. I would highly recommend Dr. Sultan and his team. If y...... Read full review

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Read Reviews from our Patients

Dr. Leslie Sultan
Dec 3rd, 2020

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It was a great experience

I had a great experience overall. My situation was very complex, and it was a long and trying process to recovery but I feel better everyday. I would highly recommend Dr. Sultan and his team. If y...... Read full review

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