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Dr. Sultan has the perfect combination that makes the difference: Knowledge, professionalism and humanity amount other virtues. He is an excellent doctor and human being. The office staff was also very professional and friendly. I was extremely satisfied and would highly recommend Dr. Sultan.


My experience with Dr Sultan was life changing. He is dedicated, honest, open and compassionate. I have been closely followed post surgery; Dr Sultan going above and beyond for me. Everyone who works here are truly helpful , from my first visit to follow up appointments they care. I consider myself extremely fortunate and very grateful to all. Dr . Sultan? I adore him!


If you are looking for a true professional, Oral Surgeon , and office staff, look no further. Every possible COVID Protocol, is followed to the T.... I was the only patient in the office, Dr. Sultan went through every detail, and gives you comforting info, as you are going through the procedure, to put you at ease. His bed-side manner, is exemplary, to say the least. I know he was busy, but he never made me feel rushed....that’s not easy. His great office staff is very detail oriented, and thorough, in all aspects! Thank You Dr. Sultan , for every thing that you do !!! See you , soon...


In February 2021 when I first visited Dr Leslie Sultan, I could not open my mouth more than 10.5 mm (normal being 35-55 mm). It was very difficult to eat, and everything had to be squashed. I was so self-conscious that I hardly ever ate in public. Dr Sultan diagnosed me with Bilateral TMJ Derangement and surgery was my only option. Dr Sultan took the time out of his busy schedule to explain the procedure in detail. I never felt rushed, and he made sure I understood the process. I was extremely nervous as I have several other serious medical conditions, but Dr Sultan made me feel so comfortable. I knew I was in good hands. My surgery was successfully done on April 21, 2021. I had minimal swelling and very little pain. I can now open my mouth 35mm and eat in public. I was able to resume my normal activities in two weeks. On August 11, 2021 was my second surgery with Dr Leslie Sultan, a mandibular reconstruction, was once again successful. I will be forever grateful to Dr Sultan for his kindness, compassion, dedication and for being a wonderful human being without whom these procedures would not be possible. Thanks to the wonderful staff as well - Millie, AJ, and CeCe. I would highly recommend Dr. Sultan!


Dr. Leslie Sultan has a 5 star bedside manner. He’s extremely qualified as an oral surgeon and really helped me with my TMJ! Upon meeting him I was in a lot of pain that I downplayed for a lo time but he saw the pain & he cared. Because of him I no longer have debilitating headaches and I’m a happy person but smiling a lot more after his master hands fixed my problem! I’m beyond grateful to of found him! His staff is top notch and also caring. I’m a Nurse & it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to Dr’s for many reasons. Dr.Sultan I would recommend HIGHLY!!!!!

Erin M Brereton

On August 18, 2021, Dr. Leslie Sultan performed a very successful bilateral TMJ arthroplasty with discopexy surgery to repair my TMJ internal derangement beyond my expectations. From the very first visit Dr. Sultan was extremely thorough & comforting explaining his diagnosis for my needed TMJ/D surgery. He was the only surgeon I contacted that was able to see me immediately considering the TMJ jaw locking pain I was having causing pain in my ears, when opening my mouth, yawning or chewing. He was also able to perform my surgery as soon as possible for which I am very grateful. Dr. Sultan's staff, especially the Office Manager, Milly are very knowledgeable & always available to arrange appointments & answer any questions politely & efficiently as well as being very comforting knowing that surgery can be a very challenging experience. I was given very informative instructions to read & review before & after the surgery which were extremely helpful. My recovery after surgery is going very well following Dr. Sultan's instructions with hardly any pain or swelling. He prepared a surgical splint/orthotic by digital impression which fits perfectly & aids in my continued healing & jaw alignment. After surgery I was referred to a physical therapist who works directly with Dr. Sultan for treatment & jaw exercises to assist with the healing process. I highly recommend Dr. Sultan if anyone should need a diagnosis with complete expertise, knowledge, perfection & surgical experience to perform oral surgery. He is the best.

Janet R

A very enjoyable experience from making the appointment all the way through understanding the treatment options. I appreciated the quick wait time, the helpfulness of the staff, and the doctor's understanding. I felt like all my concerns were heard and all my questions were answered. I also appreciated how Dr. Sultan saw me as a whole patient. He not only discussed the reason for my visit, but my entire health. I am grateful he took the time to allow me to understand issues I was not even aware of. I look forward to working with him further in the future. I Would definitely recommend Dr. Sultan to everyone looking for an oral surgeon.

Anonymous 2

Dr. Saltan services are amazing. He is a wonderful Dr. and I would recommend him to all. His staff were on top of all that I needed for my recovery.

Anonymous 4

Dr Sultan related quite well with me and clearly explained his diagnosis. His staff was friendly, professional and courteous.

Anonymous 6

Completing the paperwork ahead of time was helpful, and saved wait time. Inital visit was a great experience. Office staff polite and helpful with good follow through.

Anonymous 5

Sultan Center for Oral Facial Surgery

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Dr. Leslie Sultan
Dec 3rd, 2020

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It was a great experience

I had a great experience overall. My situation was very complex, and it was a long and trying process to recovery but I feel better everyday. I would highly recommend Dr. Sultan and his team. If y...... Read full review

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Read Reviews from our Patients

Dr. Leslie Sultan
Dec 3rd, 2020

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It was a great experience

I had a great experience overall. My situation was very complex, and it was a long and trying process to recovery but I feel better everyday. I would highly recommend Dr. Sultan and his team. If y...... Read full review

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