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The health of the skin depends on the cells that provides for smoothness, color and firmness. Aging causes the skin to weaken. Those of us in South Florida are well aware of the effects of prolonged sunlight on skin damage! Damaged skin loses its smoothness, becomes rough, spotted with loss of tone.

Skin restoration systems have been well documented to work deep within the skin cells to promote and heal damaged skin.

Any type of skin will respond well to a customized regimen of skin products.

  • Prepare skin for the acceptance of prescription ingredients with the use of a cleanser and toner
  • Correct areas of uneven pigmentation with skin bleaching and exfoliating cream
  • Stimulate the skin cells by applying prescribed tretinoin and bleaching cream
  • Protect against sun damage by using a daily sunblock

We offer the full line of Obagi NuDerm and Photoluminesce products.

Before Skin Treatment

skin before restoration 1

After Skin Treatment

skin after restoration 1
skin before restoration 2
skin after restoration 2

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