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Can I Really Get My Teeth Replaced in One Visit?

The term "Teeth-in-a-Day" doesn't just imply it; it outright states that your smile can be restored in one day. This is true. However, it's important to understand that tooth replacement involves multiple steps. What the term describes is the ability to replace your teeth in one visit. You require only one minor oral surgery. In that, we remove diseased teeth and insert durable titanium implants into the jawbone. These posts are immediately "loaded" with your new teeth. These new teeth have to be customized to your smile ahead of time.

To receive teeth-in-a-day, it's necessary for you to attend one or more appointments with your restorative dentist. In those visits, your dentist will take impressions and perform other diagnostics that will guide the fabrication of your new teeth. On the day you receive your dental implants, we already have your new teeth, ready for placement, so your smile is immediately restored.

What is the Teeth-in-a-Day Procedure?

Traditional dental implant treatment may occur over several visits. One may involve measuring and taking impressions to create appropriately-sized false teeth. One may involve pulling damaged teeth. Another may involve inserting titanium implant posts. Still another may involve uncovering the posts to affix abutment pieces. Each step in the dental implant process is worth the long-term outcome of this treatment. However, if we can streamline it, why not do that?

Teeth-in-a-Day is a procedure during which your dental implants, however many are ideal for your situation, are inserted into the jawbone. The minor oral surgery may take two to three hours. It usually involves local anesthetic, and, depending on your treatment plan, may also involve a mild sedative. Your mouth will be numb in the areas in which your dental implants will be inserted, so you can expect a painless procedure. You will likely feel some pressure as Dr. Sultan inserts your implants, but this should not hurt. After your dental implants are firmly in place, he will seat your bridge or denture. This way, you leave the office with a fully intact, confident smile!

What is Recovery Like After My Teeth-in-a-Day Procedure?

One of the primary advantages of the teeth-in-a-day procedure is that you don't have to go a day without a natural-looking smile. In fact, your new teeth may help you feel more confident and satisfied than your natural teeth! While you can thoroughly enjoy the appearance of your smile, it's important to remember that form and function aren't ready to meet just yet. There is a brief period during which your new smile needs to recover.

For a few days after you receive your new teeth, you may feel tender or sore. This is an effect of the insertion of dental implants into your jawbone. These small posts need time to integrate. The process is referred to as osseointegration, which is the generation of new bone tissue around each post. Osseointegration can take three to six months for full completion. Full completion means that your new teeth are entirely stable and capable of normal biting and chewing force. For the first six to eight weeks of your recovery period, you may be limited to a diet that includes softer foods. Our team or your restorative dentist will provide clear aftercare instructions that will help you recover wonderfully from your teeth-in-a-day procedure.

Immediate Loading / Teeth In A Day

With the use of Computer Guided Surgery, it is possible to plan for the placement of an implant supported fixed bridge to be inserted at the same time as dental implant placement. This "teeth in a day" protocol demands close cooperation between Dr. Sultan and your restorative dentist. The technique can be adapted to both fully and partially edentulous patients. The decision between this procedure vs. conventional implant surgery is based on your condition, the type of final appliance and a decision between you, your dentist and Dr. Sultan.

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Failing lower dentition
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Placement of implants/fixed bridge
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Preoperative occlusion
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Immediate fixed prosthesis

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