Why Might I Need Jaw Reconstruction Surgery?

Frustrated young man touching his cheek and frowning face Jaw surgery and reconstruction is just one aspect of Dr. Leslie Sultan’s job as a comprehensive full-scope oral and maxillofacial surgery provider. When there is a need for oral surgery, most dentists will refer patients to an oral surgeon for further assistance. At the Sultan Center for Oral Facial Surgery, Dr. Leslie Sultan sees many patients who are in need of jaw reconstruction surgery.

Why Might I Need Jaw Reconstruction Surgery From an Oral Surgeon?

Jaw reconstruction surgery from an oral surgeon may be necessary if you have been affected by various issues, including trauma, congenital disabilities, cancer, or infection. Cancer treatments and radiation therapy can cause changes to the jaw that might later require surgical repair. In addition, if you suffer from a severe facial injury such as a fractured jaw, the placement of dental implants, or other diseases of the mouth, jaw reconstruction might be considered necessary to get your oral health back on track.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Leslie Sultan for My Oral Surgeries?

An oral surgeon is highly trained in this field and is best qualified to provide reconstructive work for your unique needs. If you need corrective jaw surgery for any reason, seek out experienced professionals, such as Dr. Leslie Sultan of Fort Lauderdale, FL, who understand the complexities of these procedures. Oral surgeons are uniquely qualified to perform these delicate surgeries with precision and accuracy. He will carefully plan each procedure and make sure the surgery meets your specific needs. He has board certification and decades of experience in the field of comprehensive full-scope oral and maxillofacial surgery.

What Can I Expect After Jaw Reconstruction Surgery?

The recovery period depends heavily on how complex the jaw surgery is. Minor surgeries, such as bone grafting or the placement of dental implants, have lesser recovery times than patients who have complete reconstruction or repair of the jaw. During a consultation visit, our oral surgeon will discuss with you the post-operative care instructions needed to heal properly from your procedure.

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