3 Things to Add to Your Kids New Year’s Resolution Lists This Year

New Years Teeth Resolution With New Year’s just around the corner, people everywhere are flocking to their pens and paper to write down their big plans and goals for the upcoming year. As a parent, encourage your little ones to set goals that will benefit them and their health and consider suggesting the following things to add to their lists this year.

1. Two Minute Rule
When you’re a kid— especially a little kid— two minutes might as well be an eternity. Encourage your kids to set a goal to brush their teeth for two minutes twice a day. Discuss with them the importance of getting in every nook and cranny of their mouth in order to prevent any sort of cavities or infection from starting. Consider getting them a sand timer or other timer of sorts so that they know exactly how long they need to brush for.

2. Flossing
As an adult it can be hard to remember to floss every day, and children are no exception. Encourage your little ones to set a goal to floss their teeth at least once a day. To make it a family wide resolution, hop on this challenge and encourage yourself to do the same thing. In order to get your kids excited about setting this type of resolution, let them pick out colorful and fun shaped flossers from the grocery or drug store.

3. Avoid Sugary Foods
Everyone knows that sugary foods lead to cavities. Encourage your kids to avoid as many sugary snacks and treats as possible in order to cut down on dental plaque and cavities. Have them keep track of how many sugary treats they are currently consuming and encourage them to cut that number in half. If they meet their goal for a month straight, take them out to get their favorite healthy snack as a reward.

By adding these three resolutions to your child’s New Year’s resolution list, you can help them have a healthier and cleaner smile.

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