How Can You Treat Your Snoring?

2739_shutterstock-66221323 Many people suffer from their partner snoring. The ironic thing about snoring is that it often doesn’t visibly affect the person actually snoring. While he or she may not sleep as well and wake up tired, it is often their family and friends who notice it most. If you snore, chances are you are keeping your spouse  or roommate up much more than it is affecting you. So when the problem arises, how can you treat your snoring?

How Success is Measured

Snoring success does not necessarily mean that your snoring will completely stop. While that is the ideal situation, your success will be determined by your actual goals—and how your partner feels. Before being treated, discuss with your partner and your doctor what your expectations for the procedure are.

Don’t Go Under the Knife

Although many snoring cases need to be treated via surgical procedures, you don’t necessarily need to go under the knife. Before undergoing surgery, try treating your snoring with one of the following.

  • Changing Your Behavior. There are many elements of your lifestyle that could be causing your snoring. These include a heavy weight, your sleeping position, alcohol and tobacco, and even medications. Changing one of these can often help abate your snoring.
  • Various Devices. Since snoring is caused by the way your air flows through your nose and mouth as you sleep, there are many devices that you can use in or on your mouth or nose that can help open up your cavities, providing the air with more space. While these devices are very effective, they can cause other problems and are often uncomfortable and inconvenient.

When Surgery Is Necessary

Sometimes the fixes listed above will not provide you with the success you want. In this case, your doctor will probably recommend surgery. This treatment usually effects your nose, the top of your mouth, and your tongue. Extensive tests will need to be done first, however, to ensure that surgery is the best route and to help choose the surgery that is right for you.

If you and your partner suffer from your terrible jackhammer snoring, come into our office and talk about your treatment options today!

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