Treating a dental infection and saving an adult tooth

When a tooth in the mouth develops an infection, time is of the essence in bringing it back to health—and saving the tooth from extraction. Without treatment, the tooth can become lost, and the infection can spread to surrounding teeth or into the bone of the jaw. Fortunately, with the assistance of Dr. Leslie Sultan and his team at the Sultan Center for Oral Facial Surgery, patients can enjoy treatment of infected teeth with a procedure known as endodontic therapy, or a “root canal.”

What causes infected teeth?

Within a tooth is a mass of tissues known as the dental pulp. These tissues provide the nutrients and blood supply that keep a tooth alive. An infection occurs when harmful bacteria enters into the tooth through damage or decay and reaches the dental pulp. The dental pulp, which houses the nerves of the tooth, can then become infected, resulting in a severe toothache for the patient.

What are the signs of an infected tooth?

One of the most common complaints of an infected tooth is the pain and discomfort. Most of our patients find out they have an infection when they come in for an evaluation due to a severe toothache. Other signs that a tooth is infected include:

  • Swelling near the tooth
  • Discharge from the tooth
  • Pain when biting/chewing
  • Increased temperature/fever
  • Tooth sensitivity

Treating an infected tooth

In situations where the dental pulp is infected, the only treatment is that of root canal therapy. The procedure removes the dental pulp, disinfects the inner canals of the tooth, and provides a filling that seals the tooth to keep bacteria out. Without root canal therapy, a patient’s only other option is to permanently extract the tooth. Endodontic treatment is highly recommended as a way of saving the natural tooth structure and eliminating the need for permanent extraction.

Sultan Center for Oral Facial Surgery saves smiles with endodontic treatment

Dr. Leslie Sultan and his team of professionals at the Sultan Center for Oral Facial Surgery are pleased to provide comprehensive full scope oral and maxillofacial surgery, as well as endodontic therapies. If you are faced with a condition that may benefit from root canal therapy, we welcome you to book an initial evaluation with our team at 4800 North Federal Highway, Suite #201. Our Fort Lauderdale, FL area practice can be reached by phone at (954) 771-8772.

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