Benefits of Computer Guided Surgery

Computer Guided Surgery Whether you suffer from some sort of jaw disorder like TMJ or if you need to have dental implants done, then you will have to undergo some type of surgery in order to get these procedures done. However, no matter how small a surgery can claim to be, any type of surgery still poses health risks and complications. Luckily, with computer guided surgery, you can help to cut down on specific risks, reduce complications, or cut down on surgery time. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of computer guided surgery.

Reduce Risks
Although humans are amazing creatures that are capable of doing and creating marvelous things, they are still human and can easily make a small mistake. And although dentist and doctors alike are deemed to be experts, there is still always a risk of gently nipping a nerve or something on accident and causing further problems. However, with computer guided surgery, risks of these types of accidents are dramatically decreased because doctors are able to use the computer in order to make more precise movements and cuts— cutting down on the potential for injury.

Less Invasive
Another great benefit of getting computer-guided surgery is the fact that it is less invasive, which means that your recovery time will be substantially lowered. By having a computer to help guide Dr. Leslie Sultan through the surgical process, smaller incisions have to be made and it is easier to get into the incision site by only using small tools.

Less Surgical Time
One of the biggest things that people worry about with getting surgery is being under any type of anesthesia. And although some surgical procedures may require full anesthesia in order to be performed, with computer guided surgery you will only have to be under for a small amount of time— which means that you can be sent to recovery sooner.

To learn more about the benefits of computer guided surgery or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Leslie H. Sultan’s office today!

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