Preventing Tooth Loss: Never Let (Your Teeth!) Go

There’s no denying that your teeth are important — from being able to chew what you eat to increasing your self-confidence when people notice your naturally beautiful smile. Here at our Fort Lauderdale oral-maxillofacial surgery practice, we educate our patients on the importance of preserving their teeth to avoid the health risks associated with tooth loss.

 Dr. Leslie Sultan recommends the following quick tips to preventing tooth loss:

  • Use your teeth for its intended use which is chewing the food you eat. Refrain from using them in opening bottles or tearing away packaging.

  • Bruxism or tooth grinding (often at night) is closely associated with tooth loss. If you think you suffer from bruxism, we encourage you to visit us right away for an initial consultation.

  • Limit your intake of highly acidic foods as they could easily wear your enamel (the outermost protective covering of your tooth) down.

  • Be consistent with your brushing and flossing.

Teeth in a Day at the Sultan Center for Oral Facial Surgery

Tooth loss is inevitable. The good news is that you can get New Teeth in a Day in Fort Lauderdale at the Sultan Center for Oral Facial Surgery. The concept behind this technique is the ability to attach a screw retained, implant supported bridge to specially placed implants, all in the same day! 

Let us help you regain your self-confidence with our New Teeth in a Day technology! Get in touch with us today by calling (954) 771-8772 or by filling out this contact form to set up an appointment with Dr. Sultan. We look forward to your visit!

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