The Basics of Facial Implants

Facial Implants Ft. Lauderdale, FL When you put on lotion or sunscreen, do you ever notice a little asymmetry in your chin or cheeks? While nobody is perfect, we often instinctively know when there is something more serious going on–when it is more than just a little self-consciousness. There is a chance that you may have an issue with your bite that you just haven’t identified yet. If there is something you are not sure of, Dr. Sultan can help you identify what is going on, specifically if you have a bite issue. Thankfully, these issues can often be helped with one or more of Dr. Sultan’s areas of expertise!

Sometimes, all you need is a little something to help balance a facial irregularity. If you have a good bite relationship, a good jaw relationship, or only have cosmetic concerns, then facial implants might be the right fit to balance the abnormalities in your facial structure. Also, if you have had previous jaw correction (orthognathic) surgery or have deficits in your facial structure due to past traumatic injuries, then facial implants might be perfect for you. Dr. Sultan most commonly treats the chin, cheekbone (malar bone), and lower jaw (mandible) and finds that those are sometimes all that is needed to correct certain facial deficiencies.

Maybe you already know that you don’t have a good jaw relationship, a good bite relationship, or that you may need corrective surgery. Dr. Sultan may discuss the options of orthognathic surgery with you if you experience malocclusion (a problem with how your teeth come together) or if you have an issue with the alignment of your upper and lower jaws (referred to as skeletal jaw deformity). If, for some reason, orthognathic surgery is not desired, sometimes facial implants can be utilized to mask the jaw discrepancy.

Regardless of what you think you are experiencing, a consultation with Dr. Sultan can shed light on the situation. Whether you are looking for orthognathic surgery, facial implants, or are experiencing other issues such as TMJ or impacted wisdom teeth, give Dr. Sultan a call today at (954) 771-8772.

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