Can you Eat What you Want with Dental Implants

  • Posted on: Mar 15 2014
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Dental implants can change the way you feel about your smile! Far more comfortable and natural looking than dentures, implants are rooted to the bone in your jaw? Just as your natural teeth are. With implants becoming a far more popular option than d tires or other tooth replacement methods, one of the most asked questions is always ‘can I eat what I want?’

With traditional dentures, it is very difficult or even impossible to eat certain foods. Love corn on the con? With dentures you can barely get any of the sweet stuff off that cob! People are quickly disappointed to learn that some of their favorite foods are difficult to chew.

The great news us that with implants, yes! You can eat all your favorite foods just as you would with your natural teeth! Corn on the con, taffy, any hard it sticky foods can be eaten! Of course you should exercise caution just as you did with your teeth – implants can also break just as easily as regular. Regular brushing and flossing are still important as well to keep infections away that could cause implants to fall out. as are regular dental visits and cleanings.

If you want to continue eating all of your favorite foods after implants, go ahead! You can live like you never had teeth problems and feel so much more comfortable with dental implant surgery.

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