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Consider Dr. Leslie Sultan for Jaw Reconstruction Following Bone Resorption

At Sultan Center for Oral Facial Surgery, our team of professionals provide patients with solutions for their smile. This includes jaw reconstruction surgeries to replace lost bone caused from dental resorption. Understanding dental resorption Dr. Leslie Sultan of the Fort Lauderdale, FL community will take the time to educate patients on bone resorption and how […]

Jaw Reconstruction Fort Lauderdale, FL

How to Survive Halloween After Jaw Surgery

Going to the grocery store this time of year can feel like you’re in Willy Wonka’s factory. Not only are there bags and bags full of candy and other tantalizing treats, but there are people dressed up lurking behind every corner. If you are getting jaw surgery from Dr. Leslie H. Sultan this season, going […]

Jaw Reconstruction Fort Lauderdale, FL

Jaw Anatomy 101

As one of the most important parts of your body, your jaw is what helps you break down food to give you the nutrition that your body needs. Unless you are a doctor or an anatomy wizard, however, you likely don’t know much about the composition of your jaw. To help you gain a better […]

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3 Cold Summertime Treats to Eat After Jaw Reconstruction Surgery

Jaw reconstruction surgery is done to help restore your jaw after an accident, injury, or due to a condition like temporomandibular joint disorder. As one of the most difficult parts of jaw reconstruction surgery, recovery can take a few weeks and can be a bit painful— especially when the swimming pool and barbecues are calling […]

Jaw Reconstruction Fort Lauderdale

How to Recover from Jaw Reconstruction Surgery

Undergoing any surgery is overwhelming. However, here at Dr. Leslie H. Sultan’s office, it’s our number one priority to ensure that you have a safe and smooth recovery from start to finish. If you have to undergo jaw reconstruction surgery, we have created a brief guide to help ensure that you have the smoothest recovery […]

The Jaws of Life: 4 Different Reasons for Jaw Reconstruction Surgery

As a very intense oral procedure that typically involves your oral surgeon having to surgically break your jaw and reform it, jaw reconstruction surgery can be done for a multitude of reasons. Whether your jaw has started to deteriorate due to bone loss or you have bone loss due to cyst removal, jaw reconstruction surgery […]

  • Posted on: Aug 30 2015
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Keep Your Jaw in Shape After Jaw Reconstruction

Jaw reconstruction is done to rebuild the upper and lower jaw that have been severely damaged due to certain conditions, such as injury, infection, or bone loss due to aging. However, your jaw will not remain in its post-treatment condition if you do not follow aftercare instructions. Upon discharge After jaw reconstruction surgery, Dr. Sultan […]

  • Posted on: May 15 2014
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