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Why is bone grafting performed?

Dr. Leslie Sultan and his team in Fort Lauderdale, FL are pleased to offer a wide range of oral surgery solutions for new and existing patients in the area. His practice, the Sultan Center for Oral Facial Surgery, is equipped with today’s technology and resources to ensure proper care and attention for those who need […]

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Repairing Missing Bone with Grafts

When you are diagnosed with cancer of the mouth, you are faced with a few options. Depending on how far the cancer has spread, you may not have very many. The choices may be to remove the affected areas or to leave them (which can just encourage the spread of the disease). Removal of parts […]

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Make No Bones About It

The bones of your jaw hold your teeth in place and give your face structure. Unfortunately, the bone is susceptible to erosion that is caused by periodontal disease, infections, and missing teeth. Trauma to your teeth or jaw may also put the bone at risk. Bone grafting is a safe and effective method for augmenting the […]

Bone Grafting in a Nutshell

There are many situations that can destroy or alter your facial bones. A facial injury or even missing teeth can cause the bones of the face to lose the strength to support facial contour. In some cases, patients who could benefit from dental implants may not be able to get treatment because of insufficient bone […]

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What to Do After Bone Grafting Surgery

Some conditions, such as trauma, infection, or even as simple as missing teeth, can lead your bones to lack sufficient strength and quantity to properly support the contours of your face. Bone grafting surgery can be the best solution to your concern. However, the problem does not end the moment the surgery is completed. Your […]

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