Soft Food Ideas After Your Oral Surgery

Shortly after your oral surgery, you will most likely be told to consume a semi-liquid/soft diet to avoid hurting the surgical site as well as the incisions. Here at our Fort Lauderdale oral surgery practice, we recommend the following soft food ideas for a smoother and quicker recovery:

Carbohydrates – mashed potatoes, risotto, porridge, bread softened in soup, waffles, pancakes, very soft pasta/noodles, baked or boiled sweet potatoes

Fruits – smoothies, fruit juices, applesauce, baked bananas/apples

Vegetables – vegetable soup (almost all types of vegetables could be turned into tasty and filling soups), soft-cooked carrots/squash, vegetable juice

Protein – poached or scrambled eggs, tofu, baked/mashed beans, soft-cooked fish, meat or poultry that is finely chopped or blended, fisherman’s pie, crab cakes

Milk/Dairy – milkshakes,yogurt, melted cheese, ice cream without the crunchy parts

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