TMJ Treatment Ft. Lauderdale FL Some people complain, but we honestly enjoy most aspects of growing older. You no longer worry about how everyone perceives you, and you’re likely more confident with work. You’re not surprised by little hiccups, and you understand more of how the world works. You might even find yourself giving younger people some great advice.

But, growing older isn’t always great. Our bodies may not know how to keep up with what our minds what it to do, and we may collect a few ailments. We may need to wear glasses and wear more comfortable shoes. Frustratingly, we may also find that our jaw isn’t doing what it should, and we may even experience issues while chewing or talking. Keep reading to learn about TMJ and how we can help you with the side effects of it.

What is TMJ?

Your jaw is complex, but it’s also quite simple. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is like a sliding hinge which connects your jaw to your skull. Each side of your jaw has one joint, and when these joints are in good health, you may not even notice them. It is when we find issues with this joint  that we start to notice: it can cause pain and affect the muscles that control the movement of your jaw.

How do I know if my issue is TMJ?

Certain signs can help you tell that there is a problem with your jaw. Signs and symptoms of TMJ disorders often include pain in the jaw joint, pain in the jaw overall, pain in or around your ear, difficulty chewing, pain while chewing, pain in the face, or inhibited movement of the jaw.

You may also hear a clicking sound or feel a grating sensation when you open your mouth to speak or chew. Note that if you just experience clicking sounds, but no other of the above issues with your jaw, then you probably do not need treatment for a TMJ disorder.

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