Do I Need To Have A Tooth Extracted?

One of our patients came in, worried about having a tooth pulled. It turns out that she’d broken a tooth when she was younger, and she carried a fear of having a tooth broken or pulled ever since. But, why worry about having a tooth pulled before you know that’s the recommended option? Don’t stress about something that hasn’t happened yet. If you do think you have an injured tooth that needs pulling, we can help you get clear and resolve the issue. Keep reading to learn about tooth extraction.

Tooth Extraction

We try to make pulling a tooth as pleasant as possible for our patients. Because this is our specialty, we know what we’re doing. We use local anesthetic directly applied to the site to numb the area so you don’t feel anything during the procedure. If your tooth is impacted or there are other concerns, you may be put under completely so you can sleep while we get to work.

Why Tooth Extraction?

Though your teeth are designed to last throughout your lifetime, there are instances that impact that goal. Decay and other issues can lead to a tooth that can affect your overall health.  If your teeth are doing more harm than good, it is time to consider extraction for those problematic teeth. If you have a tooth that is badly damaged because you’ve neglected your health or a tooth broken because of an accident, having the tooth pulled may be the best option to consider. Other reasonings for tooth extraction include pulling a tooth to give others more room to thrive in your mouth.

Overall, there are many reasons why we may recommend pulling a tooth. Your circumstances and teeth are different from everyone else, so don’t assume it will be just like when your neighbor had a similar issue. It’s important to ask questions and make sure that you have all of the important information before you choose to have a tooth worked on or extracted.

Call us today at (954) 771-8772 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sultan. We can help you understand if you do need to proceed with extraction, and can also help replace that missing tooth.

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