What to Do After Bone Grafting Surgery

Some conditions, such as trauma, infection, or even as simple as missing teeth, can lead your bones to lack sufficient strength and quantity to properly support the contours of your face. Bone grafting surgery can be the best solution to your concern. However, the problem does not end the moment the surgery is completed. Your cooperation throughout the procedure, especially after bone grafting, is essential to a smooth-sailing recovery.

Here are some post-operative instructions that Dr. Sultan may give you to achieve this:

Alleviate Bleeding and Swelling

  • Bite on the gauze pad that will be placed on the treated area for an hour to decrease bleeding.
  • Avoid any vigorous actions in the mouth as this may cause the blood clot to dislodge.
  • Ice packs applied to the side of the face can minimize any swelling.
  • Limit your activities on the day of your bone grafting surgery, as this could increase your heart rate and cause excessive bleeding in the wound.

Controlling Post-Operative Pain and Infection Risk

  • Pain or any discomfort is expected to last for about four to five days following surgery. You may have to take more pain medications during the third and fourth days.
  • While you are on prescription medication, avoid driving or operating heavy machinery as these can significantly alter your perception.
  • Take antibiotics with their proper dosage and schedule as prescribed by Dr. Sultan.

To know if bone grafting is the right procedure for you, request a consultation with Dr. Sultan today by calling us at (954) 771-8772. We would love to hear from you!

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